Get to Know GamePlanX


Do you have a proven game plan to grow your business? Can you execute as planned?

GamePlanX (GPX) simplifies complex endeavors to modernize your business. We offer experts and tools to formulate a well-thought-out plan. We then support execution with powerful IT and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions, "Moneyball" predictive analytics and access to 72 international markets to grow your business.

GPX makes it feasible to access proven expertise and adopt leading technologies, such as Cloud ITaaS and AI to visualize buying patterns, deliver highly targeted marketing and dramatically improve sales. Get data automation with APIs to harvest information hidden away in large databases, emails, social media, blogs and even Video files to automate manual processes, improve compliance, customer services, and sales training.

Our unique Game Plan Breakdown gets a panel of world renowned, "celebrity" PhDs, MDs, C-Level or Technology experts to endorse your plan in a day, similar to how a panel of players and coaches tear apart the performance of a sports team on game day.

GPX offers ready-made and custom solutions. If you have resource constraints, we can execute for you at a price that beats competing bids. Simply register with www.GamePlanX.com to get started on executing any of your plans.

GPX Ready-Made Solutions

Our following low cost solutions make it a no brainer to get started on any one of your initiatives with confidence:

No more wasting time trying to figure out how to use social media to get new customers. No more endless committee meetings just to figure out how to reinvent the wheel to find new sponsors or donors. No more delays getting started just to engage an expert. Save limited resources and costs from having to setup an infrastructure for a Secure Intranet, Document Management, Big Data Analytics, to Training multi-location teams or to Coordinate with supply chain partners to execute campaigns.