GamePlanX Education

K-12, Higher Education, Adult Education, Global Learning, Best Practices and Professional Development


"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."-Nelson Mandela

GamePlanX U.S. and global education programs are dedicated to improving K-12, higher education, sports, leadership and adult vocational training based upon proven global best practice researches and programs tailored by a panel of international and regional experts for successful local adoption.


GamePlanX Education provides comprehensive solutions for improving various aspects of education programs. Our education program is formulated to assess, plan and implement teaching methods ranging from improving K-12 performance to life-long adult professional training and growth with our special panel of experts. We can provide the following solutions to help execute all the education programs with life-cycle stages that can begin with assessment, planning and then follow up with training and technology based program management.


I. Education Program Development

GamePlanX Education program is developed and conducted by our panel of experts and scholars who research and apply proven best practices, with technology to support efficient program planning and execution. Programs are well thought out for successful execution and to meet measurable success. We facilitate an efficient flow from traditional learning environments to online collaborative distance education. We provide options to ensure K-12 education for children that can be supported by advanced teaching and learning methodologies to improve college readiness and international competitiveness.

For Global Education program development, GamePlanX works closely with international and local education experts, teachers, administrators and communities for successful local adoption, especially in developing countries and marginalized communities. Our programs emphasize research data usage to inform applicable program development that leads to strengthen and promote student-centered learning. We also make it easy to increase family and community involvement, and strengthen institutional capacity for partnerships.

GamePlanX Education programs utilize extensive Education Best Practices Research and Knowledge Management to develop, implement and measure the impact of its education programs.

II. Training

GamePlanX designs and facilitates professional training programs for participants who:

  • Need to keep up with the latest innovations to improve career skills, such as for educators, teachers, and administrators
  • Want to advance in their employment. Considering GPX founders? professional background, we also provide special leadership and teamwork training programs for organizations and teams to dramatically improve their individual and team performance.

III. Education Program Management

GamePlanX offers comprehensive Education Program Management Support:

  • Engage with stakeholders to ensure satisfaction in performance and outcomes.
  • Recruit, manage and assist international experts, support staff and partners.
  • Provide work plans and budgets in coordination with stakeholders.
  • Deploy systems and practices for information sharing, opportunities to learn, and knowledge management with respect to education projects to ensure successful outcomes.
  • Deploy tools, procedures and systems for effective technical implementation and monitoring operations across projects.
  • Provide technical assistance, related to teacher training, curriculum development, community participation, education management, policy support, assessment and evaluation.
  • Evaluate and integrate leading edge technologies, such as Augmented Reality applications, triggered from image recognition or even text books to make education more engaging and effective.
  • Manage complex projects:
    • Monitor, track and report on overall project performance to client requirements and in conformance policies, procedures and guidelines.
    • Guide, oversee and support field-based teams to ensure technical and operational quality control, and delivery on time and within budget.
    • Support project start-up and close-out, work planning, technology development and implementation, report writing and other activities as required.
    • Mentor, support and supervise project deployment staff.

IV. Education Technology

GamePlanX develops and utilizes its state-of-the-art technology platform and tools to increase access to learning for teachers, students, adults and professionals - no matter where they live.

GamePlanX provides the appropriate technology support to its education projects to increase the efficiency of implementation efforts and the success rate of project outcomes.

GamePlanX technology platform is enabled to support the rapid roll out of multimedia e-learning education programs. We are able to integrate creative new technologies, such as Augmented Reality applications or even text books to make education more engaging and deploy customized programs for high performance learning.

GPX technology platform also brings together a network of subject matter experts, executives and even professional athletes to leverage industry knowledge, best practices and sports performance principles in order to strengthen and guarantee the success of our educational programs.

Some of GamePlanX featured education projects:

  • International education program development that includes early student assessment to life-long learning for children in marginalized communities of developing countries. Special programs for children at risk of immigrant workers, adult education and skills training for migrant workers in emerging markets.

  • International program development and implementation for a global non-profit organization educating children from K-12 in developing countries. As result of the plan, more than 13,000 children received high quality education.

  • International program development and management of multimedia e-learning platform and medical education sales network in 72 countries, including in US, European Union, Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, India, Mexico, Brazil, and Middle East.

  • Technology development of a game-changing, e-learning, multimedia content and knowledge management system for the portfolio of a $350MM private equity fund.