About GamePlanX

Changing the game and driving execution for our clients!


GamePlanX (GPX) was founded in 2009 upon the dedication to creating and executing winning game plans that transform our clients' goals into impactful results. Our commitment is to dramatically improve our clients' and partners' capabilities to achieve the breakthrough they envision.


GPX brings an innovative approach that delivers a comprehensive solution to meet client goals. Similar to a professional sports gameday breakdown by a panel of experts who identify missed opportunities and recommend winning game plans, we infuse expert knowledge from a panel of world-renown experts with powerful GPX technology to strengthen clients execution capabilities mainly in the healthcare, education, service and related technology industry sectors.

GPX technology supports project management, multimedia team and leadership training, conference/event management, knowledge management, multi-location teamwork and collaboration, and complete life-cycle development of web and mobile apps to drive execution.


About the Founders

The founders of GamePlanX offer a unique blend of professional experiences, competencies and deep understanding of what it takes for teams to overcome challenges related to transitioning to new strategies and plans to deliver impactful outcomes.

George P. George, international healthcare and technology expert and ex-US Cricket player, Ken Harvey, retired NFL Redskin and Pro Bowl player, and David Lovelady, former Top Gun fighter pilot and NASA astronaut candidate combined their experiences of thriving in high performance environments to help client teams execute their plans efficiently, on time and within budget in over 72 countries worldwide.

The founders have also setup and contributed significantly towards the GPX Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program for improving healthcare and education for those in need. GPX has contributed solutions for improving military veteran healthcare and career transition programs, K-12 Children at risk improve academic and sports performance, and families struggling to succeed from marginalized communities get access to better learning resources, nutrition and mentoring programs.
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