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Other Service Industries Supported by GamePlanX


"Thinking outside of the box will make sense only when you know what is inside the box."-Anonymous

We are known for our expertise in developing winning game plans and getting teams to execute as planned with the help of powerful technology in our core industries, education and healthcare. We took one step further and ventured outside our trademark sectors. We transferred and leveraged our unique core capabilities to create highly cost effective and high performance solutions in the following private, public and social development sectors:

Service Industries

  • Professional Services
    (Government, Commercial)
  • Non-Profits-Associations, Think Tanks,
    Community Development
  • Hospitality/Hotels
  • Event Conference Management
  • Small Business
  • Franchise Operations

GPX Sales Growth Solutions: Business Development, Capture Management, Proposal Writing

Sectors: Professional Services (Government and Commercial Sectors), Non-Profits

GamePlanX enables small and mid-size professional services companies to create highly competitive business proposals for large government procurement bids. The GamePlanX team provides a comprehensive solution to enable clients to compete against much bigger, multi-billion dollar businesses and position themselves to grow exponentially, sometimes thirty times their revenue in just a few years. GPX provides expertise, business and technology solutions for the entire business development, capture management and proposal lifecycle:

  • Finding/qualifying funding resources
  • Capture management
  • Proposal development
  • Proposal submission
  • Awaiting and responding to proposal related questions
  • Programmatic and financial management of award.

The GPX technology platform serves as one-stop proposal management platform, allowing access to all proposal related documents and facilitating collaboration among technical experts, business and proposal development personnel in a virtual office setting.

GPX Sales Growth Solutions: Fundraising, Grant Writing

Sectors: Non-Profits: Associations, Think Tanks, Community Development

GamePlanX provides fundraising and grant writing solutions to help various types of non-profit organizations such as Professional Associations, Think Tanks and Community/Social Development Organizations. The proposed plans helps to formulate and/or strengthen their fundraising development strategies including donor cultivation, solicitation, stewardship and identification; develop supporting print and multimedia marketing materials; develop content for blogs and publications; drive Social Media engagement; and team up with qualified fundraisers to drive additional revenues for clients. In complement to providing fundraising related services, GPX also has access to network of resellers in 72 countries to help its clients? syndicate their annual program contents and grow membership and revenues.

GPX Sales Growth Solutions: New Sales Growth, Sales Representation, Sales Force Management, Marketing and Promotion

Sectors: Non-Profits, Hotels/Hospitality, Events/Conferences

GamePlanX helps Non-Profits, Hotel/Hospitality and Events/Conference Management clients to formulate creative market growth strategies, develop supporting print and multimedia marketing materials, and team up with qualified industry partners to provide outbound and inbound representation to grow revenues from BRICS markets (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). The strategic and marketing plans are executed by training various field office sales representatives and driving lead generation to sales via GamePlanX learning, teamwork and CRM salesforce management modules.

GPX Training Solutions

Sectors: Professional Services, Non-Profits, Hotels/Hospitality, Event/Conference Management, Small Business, Franchise Operations

Given GamePlanX founders? professional background, we design and facilitate live, online and mobile training programs to advance the skills of industry professionals and to enhance the efficiency of organizational operations with the help of our high-performance, multi-location teamwork solutions.

GPX professional training programs are intended for participants who

  • Need to keep up with the latest innovations and best practices
  • Want to advance in their employment.

Here are some of the topics we address:

  • Professional development
  • Salesforce teamwork and revenue growth
  • Project high performance teamwork, speed to productivity
  • Leadership development
  • Mentoring and reverse-mentoring
  • High Performance Multi-location teamwork.

GPX High Performance Operations, Teamwork, Project Management Solutions

Sectors: Non-Profits, Hotels/Hospitality, Event/Conference Management

Organizations within this sector are able to apply the GamePlanX technology platform for high performance operations and teamwork. Client teams dramatically improve their time to delivery, reduce time in repetitive instructions, track progress on various activities ranging from event planning, marketing material development and outreach to pre and post conference planning activities.

Event planning teams are able to do the following to create a successful event experience and outcome:

  • Efficiently setup, assign, track, monitor and manage all production coordination activities
  • Work with partners to prepare an event plan
  • Create an event calendar/timeline
  • Decide and secure venue locations
  • Recruit and manage supply chain vendors, sponsors, partners and speakers
  • Coordinate pre-conference logistics and schedules
  • Track budgets
  • Collaborate and promote destination logistics to attendees
  • Provide planners, speakers and attendees with an online conference, eLearning and Networking technology platform, and
  • Manage all event related internal communications.

Here are some examples on how GamePlanX has applied the above mentioned solutions to support clients grow their operational capabilities while minimizing their financial investments to achieve their business goals.

  • Enabled a small professional services firm that serves Federal, state and local government agencies to compete against multi-billion dollar companies and position itself to grow from $1MM to $30MM. GPX provided expertise in Business Development, Proposal Development and Capture Management. The GPX technology platform was configured to provide CRM, Supply Chain and Proposal/Capture Management, and GPX virtual office for telecommuting solutions
  • Helped a non-profit professional development association grow international revenues from $1MM to $10MM;
  • Increased average sales transaction value for clients by 100%, net margins over 300%,
  • Increased adoption of e-learning portals by 400% and $2MM in syndication revenues,
  • Managed sales network in 72 countries, structured sales agreements, content distribution & syndication,
  • Designed and delivered interactive multimedia e-learning, EMR/registry database services,
  • Launched sales of health and wellness campaigns to Fortune 500 Companies, Multimedia Cardiovascular Academies in India, China, Mexico, Middle East, Japan, and Korea.
  • Supported international liquor manufacturers with formulating detailed plans and budgets to export, taste testing, mixology formulation, brand positioning and pricing, brand development, test marketing with brand promotional events and models/influencers, distributed and sold to the US and BRICS markets.
  • Developed a strategic plan for a fast food chain franchise to setup training and supply chain operations support at multiple locations. As a result, the client was able to reduce time to productivity by 30% in a high-turnover and low-profit-margin competitive environment.
  • Supported an investor to conduct feasibility studies and develop plans for establishing alternate energy plants that supplied wind, solar and bio fuel based energy.
    • Developed detailed plans for installing commercial grade Solar, Wind, and Bio Diesel based power supply facilities, including OEM component evaluation and pricing, plant throughput, budget planning, financial and business planning, strategic partnering and energy distribution management.
    • Expanded supply chain operations for Petroleum and ULSD D2 Diesel, including up and down stream international supply chain sourcing, logistics management planning and sales.
  • Developed and marketed Careot, a smart phone nutrition tracking app (www.Careot.net) for an investor who had the vision of building a nutrition tracking, food journal and diet management iPhone and Android smartphone app used worldwide.
  • Led business development of Scientific Computing, Pharmaceutical Drug Global Supply Chain Management, Work Process Collaboration systems sales to FDA, NIH, HHS, MHS and DOD.
  • Generated $2MM for an 8(a) small business, supporting the commercialization of biotechnology developed at the US Army?s Fort Detrick research center for military applications.
  • Commercialized and technology transferred biotechnology, proteomics technology from NIH.
  • Designed and deployed interactive retail marketing and point of sales solutions using Apple iPad devices, mobile Wi-Fi services, and large scale 3-D multimedia content projection technologies.
  • Established off-shore operations for an 8(a) small business to improve productivity and reduce cost by up to 50%, managed integration of CLEC services for delivery of data, video and telephone services.
  • The founders have also setup and contributed significantly towards the GPX Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program for improving healthcare and education for those in need. GPX has contributed solutions for improving military veteran healthcare and career transition programs, K-12 Children at risk, improved academic and sports performance, and helped families struggling to succeed from marginalized communities to get access for better learning resources, nutrition and mentoring programs.